Different types of Ozone Generators for Hot tubs?

Their is no real distinct advantage to either type of ozone. Your are going to need to replace you ozone generate every two years anyways. UV light looses his effectiveness after two year and Corona Discharge ozone generators loose there charge after two years, and the Plasma Ozone generators for hot tubs with last a bit longer than two years but more expensive to replace.

Marquis Euphoria Hot Tub Review

Marquis’s Euphoria hot tub is considered a step down from the Marquis Epic. But in all truth they are basically the same spa different layout.

So let jump right into the pros and cons.

Pros-  A Lot of variable height seating. Which means their is a spot for different types of people.(Great for entertaining and family’s)

Pros- Huge footwell, I big advantage when entertaining people. So everyone isn’t touch your feet.

Pros- Very functional neck and shoulder jets. These jets tend to massage compared to alot of neck and shoulder jets that just irritate.

Cons- Just like the Marquis Epic. When the water level rises about the filter shelf their vortex filtration is just about useless outside of the filter.

Cons- In the past Marquis Spas have had issues with micro-crazing tiny crack on the shell. These cracks aren’t structural, but are kind of an eye sore. Marquis does warranty this and will usually replace the spa if their a ton of cracks. (then again this could be a pro if you get a new spa)

Test Strips or Not?

Their are 3 different types of water test out their. The always populer test strip, little less common Electronic testing system, and Regent test kit (which seems to be highly scary in most circles).

Lets break each one of the testing systems in pros and cons-

Test strips (most common) Pros- Simple, work great for beginner water maintenance people, and last just about forever. Cons- I have seen some low quality test strips be way off (can not always be most accurate), Can be very costly until you figure out what you are doing.

Electronic Test Strip Reader (Not so common) Pros- tells you exactly what the total alkinity, ph, chlorine or bromine are in the water. Cons- Cost a quite a bit at start up buying the reader and test strips, cost quite a bit more to buy replacement strips, Need to keep the electronic part clean after every use or it can give you false readings.

Regent Test Kit (“Scariest Test Kit) Pros- Gives you the most accuracte test, Cost way less to per test, most test kits test for everything you would ever want to know. Cons- Start up cost are a little bit higher, The time it takes to learn how to use the regents.

Or their is the always popular Take your water into your dealer to have them test it. You can never go wrong their.

Testimonals on Masters Spas Home Shows

So I decided to do a little more digging on the traveling road show endorsed by Master Spas. Here are a few comments I found in some Forums.

Just do a search for Master on here.  They are not a well-liked company.  I would stay away from Master if I were you.  They have done way too many dishonest/unethical things to be considered a good company to do business with.

There are plenty of other brands that you can spend that kind of money on and be much, much happier over the life of your spa.

Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Dimension One, Premier Living, Marquis…just to name a few. -Vanguard

Or anther lady who was at one of these home shows.

Just bought the Tempo and am getting ready for installation.  The final wet test is what sold me.

As far as Master Spas…  Went to one of their shows, spas were $$$, sales pressure was unpleasant.  Went outside and took out my phone and got on the internet to find out about Master Spas (the actual dealer came out to tell me not to worry about Master Spas reputation.  That even made my search that much more important.)  What I read wasn’t flattering.  When I told the sales guy I wasn’t buying he got upset and told me that I just wasted so much of his time when he could have been making sales… guess I should have felt bad and bought one from the poor baby Cry.  Oh, and when he told me that they “are a Christian Company” that really upset my stomach.  Where did that sales line come from?

If you, Karol I believe, are thinking of spending that kind of money, I’d definitely look at the Hot Spring Spas.

Hey, guys, now I’m giving advice -Honeypot

So it seem I am not the only one who have strong feelings about Master Spas questions Sales Tactics.

Master Spas Home Show… Misleading?

So Today I attending a big spa manufacturer clearance sale today.  To say the very least it was interesting.

When I saw the add ran on TV it made it sound like their would all kinds of manufactures. But when I got their their was one brand “Master Spas” with various names  (Legacy world pool, down east spas, Twilight, and their swim spas H2x) but all those  hot tubs are made by Master spas.  To say the least I was very disappointed.

Yes, Their were many hot tubs to choose from, but What WORRIES ME THE MOST is getting service done on these spas when you have trouble. Because their are no local dealers represented and that means YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE GETTING SERVICE no matter what the sales person says.

Also, they kinda of sales say you are will be getting a good deal and they pressure you to buy that day.  From personal experience you can get the same good deals with a local dealership. Plus you will you be able to get service for your hot tub if you need maintenance.

Check out their website. spapoolandbbqshow.com & Master Spas

I would love to here what you have to think about these type of home shows. Let me know what you think about these hot tubs too. I have some more opinions about these tubs int he days to come.