Different types of Ozone Generators for Hot tubs?

Their is no real distinct advantage to either type of ozone. Your are going to need to replace you ozone generate every two years anyways. UV light looses his effectiveness after two year and Corona Discharge ozone generators loose there charge after two years, and the Plasma Ozone generators for hot tubs with last a bit longer than two years but more expensive to replace.

Ozone? What’s the big Deal

How does it work? Basically the chlorine and bromine molecules get dirty. Ozone breaks the “dirt” off and the chlorine or bromine molecules can go back to work without add more to get the job done.

What’s the different between all the different kinds of Ozones?  First off EVERYONE’S ozone is the biggest and the best ozone in the world. The real difference is the way it is distributed into the hot tub.

A lot of hot tubs just dump the ozone directly into the tub hoping that ozone does  a good job. What you want to be looking for is a hot tub that has mixing or a tumbling chamber. A mixing or tumbling chamber does is mixes the ozone outside of the tub. This allows the ozone mix in an intentional, just like in a blender.

Mixing the ozone outside the main hot tub vessel prolongs the life your tub also. Why? Ozone is technically toxic, but only has a life spam of 30 seconds.  Since it is toxic it will eat way the your cover and pillows in your hot tub.

What kind of warranty do I need?

The warranty should 5 year parts and labor on any hot tub that is worth buying. I know Cal Spas came out with their escape series last summer with a three year warranty. They are nice tubs with a lot of flash but they are not built to the standard of the rest of the 5 year warranty tub. So keep that in mind when buying a tub that doesn’t have a 5 year warranty.

Key in Mind: Even with a warranty it is common for the dealer to have a gas urge charge each time they come out. That could range anywhere from $25 to $90. SO ASK YOUR DEALER Before you buy..

Do I want a Full Foamed Hot Tub?

The simple answer is Yes. Now let me explain why,

  1. The one you will noticed a full foam tub is much quieter.
  2. The foam will hold the plumbing lines in place so that the vibrations from the pump will not cause leaks over time.
  3. Full foam tub will lower your heating costs.  Tubs that use just plain air as an insulation will keep your tub warm, but the when you turn your jets on it sucks all the cold air out of the cabinet of the tub. Meaning your have to reheat the air in the cabinet again.
  4. If for some reason the tub loses power. It takes way longer for a full foam tub to freeze.

That’s probably about half the benefits. I will get to more later.

Buying an Aftermarket Hot Tub Cover

A few things to look for in an aftermarket cover.

  1. Cheap is not always good.
  2. Look for at least a 2lb foam density cover.
  3. Make sure you can get a Linear heat seal (aka hot dog fro some manufactures)
  4. Find out how the cover is latched to your tub.
  5. NO Thicker cover don’t always mean better insulation. JUST Remember the thicker the cover the heavier it gets when you need to replace it.
  6. 4″ to 2″ Taper is plenty with 2lb foam density .