Hot Springs Grandee Hot Tub Review

If you are looking for a great quality product HotSprings is always a good choice.

The the Hotsprings Grandee is their preimer bench seated tub. I personally preffer a hot tub that doesn’t have any lounges for a couple reason. The first reason being you can entertain more people in a bench style tub (great for families). Second would be first time hot tub buyer usually buy a hot tub with a lounge second time buyer usually by with out. Depending on the hot tub manufacture you tend to flow up out of a lounge. With that said lets look at the pros and cons.

HotSprings Grandee

Pros- Wide bench style seating (not a bucket seating type, it tells you were to sit.) This allows you to use the hot tub in any position.

Pros – Two Seat with Hot Springs patented Moto Massages. (Either you like the seat or you don’t, Better wet test it first)

Pros- Very well insulated 3.5 to 2.5 Foam core insulation.

Cons- In a tub this size I would like to see a Big under per gallon jet the middle. It’s pretty standard in most tub of this size.

Cons- Their is no suction bypasses at the bottom of the tub. Not normally a big deal but it makes the filtration system not as effective as it could be. (This means the water in the foot well doesn’t get as much filtration as the water on the top. I DON”T CARE WHAT ANY SALES Person say it’s hard to do.

Cons- The big light just under the were you step in tends to leak over time. It tends to leak but the they don’t have enough structural support. Over time the seat flexes and it cause it to leak. Not a hard fix but can be costly if it isn’t under warranty.

Overall- A great hot tub. In my personal opinion the pros out way the cons. In most areas Hotsprings have an excellent service record.

Link to spec sheet for the 2009 Hotsprings Grandee

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