Marquis Euphoria Hot Tub Review

Marquis’s Euphoria hot tub is considered a step down from the Marquis Epic. But in all truth they are basically the same spa different layout.

So let jump right into the pros and cons.

Pros-  A Lot of variable height seating. Which means their is a spot for different types of people.(Great for entertaining and family’s)

Pros- Huge footwell, I big advantage when entertaining people. So everyone isn’t touch your feet.

Pros- Very functional neck and shoulder jets. These jets tend to massage compared to alot of neck and shoulder jets that just irritate.

Cons- Just like the Marquis Epic. When the water level rises about the filter shelf their vortex filtration is just about useless outside of the filter.

Cons- In the past Marquis Spas have had issues with micro-crazing tiny crack on the shell. These cracks aren’t structural, but are kind of an eye sore. Marquis does warranty this and will usually replace the spa if their a ton of cracks. (then again this could be a pro if you get a new spa)