Test Strips or Not?

Their are 3 different types of water test out their. The always populer test strip, little less common Electronic testing system, and Regent test kit (which seems to be highly scary in most circles).

Lets break each one of the testing systems in pros and cons-

Test strips (most common) Pros- Simple, work great for beginner water maintenance people, and last just about forever. Cons- I have seen some low quality test strips be way off (can not always be most accurate), Can be very costly until you figure out what you are doing.

Electronic Test Strip Reader (Not so common) Pros- tells you exactly what the total alkinity, ph, chlorine or bromine are in the water. Cons- Cost a quite a bit at start up buying the reader and test strips, cost quite a bit more to buy replacement strips, Need to keep the electronic part clean after every use or it can give you false readings.

Regent Test Kit (“Scariest Test Kit) Pros- Gives you the most accuracte test, Cost way less to per test, most test kits test for everything you would ever want to know. Cons- Start up cost are a little bit higher, The time it takes to learn how to use the regents.

Or their is the always popular Take your water into your dealer to have them test it. You can never go wrong their.