Video of the Cal Spa FP4700 Defects

I found this video on youtube that points out some of the problems this customer with his cal spa FP4700.

Some of what this guy is true but most of it is is just negligence on the home owners part.

First thing this gentleman points out the blistering on the inside of the tub in both the swim spa end and spa side of the pool. Blistering is cause when the sun is exposed for long periods of time with out the cover on the spa. Odds are this cal spa owner left the tub empty with no water in the tub, causing the bubble to occur. It will happen with any hot tub shell in the industry. Cal Spas as a rule of thumb built one of the strongest spas shells in the industry.

Note: their are a few spa shell that can with stand direct sun light. D1 ultra and hot springs make a shell that can with stand direct sunlight.

Second the owner points out the wood construction. This is very common all across the spa industry and isn’t just a cal spa issue. Spa aren’t designed to be moved a ton, so that’s why spa manufactures use staples to hold wood together.

Third the customer isn’t happy with how much the insulation is in the hot tub. This can be a problem in some parts, but when he points out that their isn’t a insulation around the light, this is for service reasons. Form my service back round this is a very common practice and save the home owner time and money costs when it come to repairs.

Note: Their are very few spas that have a complete full foam insulation. For a spa with complete full foam you will need to spend a minimum of 8000 and need to find a brand like Marquis, d1, or hotsprings for example. A higher end spa.

Fourth, Lets talk about the leaking issue. The leaks can or cannot be a direct manufacture defect and the manufacture should take care of them.  The reason i don’t believe that these leaks were cause the manufacture are because the blistering inside the tub. When this happens it can cause the jets to warp in direct sunlight loosening the seal on the jet housing to leak.

With that said the Cal Spa FP4700 isn’t a bad hot tub, but be sure to take a look under the hood before buy any hot tub.

BullFrog Model 682 Hot Tub

The basic idea of a Bull Frog hot tub is a good idea. Referring to the interchangeable Jet Packs. Lets get down to the details.

Pros- a good amount of open seating

Pros- The choices you have in the jet pack system.

Pros- Many Auxiliary control so you can control the jets from anywhere in the hot tub.

Cons- The  jet pack system is also a big draw back in it’s self. The reason I say this is the it’s hard to circulate the water behind the jet packs, cause more problem when trying to maintain you water maintenance.

Cons- The main trunk line that supplies the jet pack is at the top of the tub near the shell. In cold climates, the water in the trunk lines comes out cold. (It’s a nice little surprise when you turn on the jets.)

Cons- Over time the unions that connect the jet pack break down and loose pressure in your jet. (basically your tub is leaking back into the hot tub.)

How to fix a Hot Tub From Foaming

So I can across this video today and I had to share it.So now to fix the problem. The first thing that you will want to do is buy some anti-foam the name varies from brand to brand but bio guard is my preferred brand. Add much as you need until the foaming goes away.  The the next best thing is to drain and fill. ( Always Remember the cheapest chemical you can put into your hot tub is H20)

Why? The reason you want to us some sort of an anti-foam before you drain and fill again is so it doesn’t foam up on you again. Their is still about 8 to 10 Gallons of water in your plumbing even when you drain it.

Marquis “Epic” Hot tub Review

I think I should come right out and say it. Marquis’s Epic spa is my favorite spa in the entire industry. So take that into account when reading this review.

Marquis Epic Spa

Pros- Two huge 160 /gallon jets that you can divert the water into specific jets. (If you are looking to find a true hydrotherapy hot tub I recommend at least a wet test. Just Saying)

Pros- Neck and Shoulder / Feet jets   These jets use a low flow system that doesn’t  irritate the skin.

Pros- Doesn’t use a circulation pump to filter the water. It uses it’s jet pumps on low speed to filter. In turn your get more filtration for have the energy cost.

Cons- When the water level rises about the filter shelf their vortex filtration is just about useless outside of the filter.

Cons- Price point on this hot tub is about 20,000. Might be a little high. (but in my opinion well worth it)

Overall- From my personal experience working with Marquis service department I would rate the best in class and their jetting system phenomenal.

Spec Sheet for the 2009 Marquis Epic

Hot Springs Grandee Hot Tub Review

If you are looking for a great quality product HotSprings is always a good choice.

The the Hotsprings Grandee is their preimer bench seated tub. I personally preffer a hot tub that doesn’t have any lounges for a couple reason. The first reason being you can entertain more people in a bench style tub (great for families). Second would be first time hot tub buyer usually buy a hot tub with a lounge second time buyer usually by with out. Depending on the hot tub manufacture you tend to flow up out of a lounge. With that said lets look at the pros and cons.

HotSprings Grandee

Pros- Wide bench style seating (not a bucket seating type, it tells you were to sit.) This allows you to use the hot tub in any position.

Pros – Two Seat with Hot Springs patented Moto Massages. (Either you like the seat or you don’t, Better wet test it first)

Pros- Very well insulated 3.5 to 2.5 Foam core insulation.

Cons- In a tub this size I would like to see a Big under per gallon jet the middle. It’s pretty standard in most tub of this size.

Cons- Their is no suction bypasses at the bottom of the tub. Not normally a big deal but it makes the filtration system not as effective as it could be. (This means the water in the foot well doesn’t get as much filtration as the water on the top. I DON”T CARE WHAT ANY SALES Person say it’s hard to do.

Cons- The big light just under the were you step in tends to leak over time. It tends to leak but the they don’t have enough structural support. Over time the seat flexes and it cause it to leak. Not a hard fix but can be costly if it isn’t under warranty.

Overall- A great hot tub. In my personal opinion the pros out way the cons. In most areas Hotsprings have an excellent service record.

Link to spec sheet for the 2009 Hotsprings Grandee

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