Master Spas Home Show… Misleading?

So Today I attending a big spa manufacturer clearance sale today.  To say the very least it was interesting.

When I saw the add ran on TV it made it sound like their would all kinds of manufactures. But when I got their their was one brand “Master Spas” with various names  (Legacy world pool, down east spas, Twilight, and their swim spas H2x) but all those  hot tubs are made by Master spas.  To say the least I was very disappointed.

Yes, Their were many hot tubs to choose from, but What WORRIES ME THE MOST is getting service done on these spas when you have trouble. Because their are no local dealers represented and that means YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE GETTING SERVICE no matter what the sales person says.

Also, they kinda of sales say you are will be getting a good deal and they pressure you to buy that day.  From personal experience you can get the same good deals with a local dealership. Plus you will you be able to get service for your hot tub if you need maintenance.

Check out their website. & Master Spas

I would love to here what you have to think about these type of home shows. Let me know what you think about these hot tubs too. I have some more opinions about these tubs int he days to come.

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  1. This post is obviously by a local spa dealer who is afraid of legitimate competition.
    First of all the show wasn’t put on by Master Spas but by a distributor that has a local service center.
    Master Spas is one of the largest and most respected spa companies in the world.They are a Consumers Digest Best Buy pick in the premium catagory and are one of only a small number of spa manufactuers to earn the top certification by SpaSearch, the industries only independent quality certification and this past year they won the BBB’s Torch Award for Marketplace ethics. They’ve also earned the Hot Tub industries top award, the INSPIRE award.
    Master Spas has a number of brands that are marketed independently of the Master Spas brand similar to what GM does with Chevy,Buick,Cadillac, etc.
    This post acts like offering the consumer 60 or 70 differnt hot tubs and swim spas in one place is a bad thing and that showing consumers a handful of hot in their showroom is better.
    I recomend that instead of crying on an annomous post that this dealer rent a local hall, buy local advertising,hire local labor and put on their own event and really help the local economy instead of just complaining about it.

    1. Sorry, Bob have been out of the spa industry for about a year and if you find that hard to believe please call down to Springs Spas in Colorado springs to see if I still work their 719-487-7487. In fact they used to carry master spas before I worked their and I have had the pleasure to work on your spas.

      Now if you notice if you have read any of my other post. I give a pretty fair objective of what I think of a spa or in this case a manufacture. Now if Master spas isn’t putting on this show. Great! Good for them, but they should be concerned about how their public image is represented by it’s independent contractor. Cause I was a little disappointed on how it was represented in the media.

      But with that said, If you could answer me some of my legitimate concerns I would consider rewriting my post.
      1. Who is the local Dealer? According to master spas website the only dealer that your website says is the spa home show (and that ended today). The dealer that was in woodland park dropped master spas last year when I still was in the hot tub industry.
      2. Who Does the service? If their is someone in the area please update your website. so the fine people who bought from you this weekend is fully aware.
      3. What is the relationship is the traveling spa show? why? How does Masters spas feel about the way they market themselves.
      4. If their is a local dealer in the area were they represented? cause i didn’t see anyone, and if their was how do they feel about it?

      And I do agree with you that the local dealer ships could put on local shows, But if you are concerned about legitimate competitions why don’t you invite local dealer to join split some of the costs. May the best hot tub win then….
      Just saying.

    2. By the way Thank You for your opinion that is what makes blogs and informational web sites work. With that said, If you are able to represent Master Spas (judging by you e-mail domain you might) I would put up some testimonials or for lack of better of words “your side of the story.”

      It’s more important to me that what is said here is truthful…

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  3. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

  4. I didn’t read all the post but sure do have an option!
    I purchased a SPA at one of these show that Master puts on ( distributor or what ever) and got the WORST service ever. Spa had a small leak and one jet was making a loud noise took about two weeks to get service. Service person fixed leak but could not fix noise, he agreed that is was a loud not normal noise. About a week later different service person showed up he ripped out most of the spay foam that covered the spa so he could change the jet only to find out he had the wrong jets. When I asked about the foam he said it wasn’t needed (haha). So another week or so he shows back up with new jets, well that didn’t fix it. He spent about a half hour on the phone with Master with no results.
    Then the decided the would send it back to the Master factory. After a few weeks I called and they said they were working on it. After some complaining they said they were going to replace all the jets with better chrome ones for my trouble. A few days later they called and said they found a spray paint cap in a jet and that’s what was causing the noise. Well a week or two later they brought it back, No new jets. I filled it and it worked ok. When I called about the jets I was given the run around and to date have never gotten the jets.
    Also that winter (very Cold 0deg) the circuit board shorted out, the repair man told me it was because the person the reinstalled the tub did not tighten the power wire good enough. Master said cant prove it.
    All in all the salesman (from Master) lied, the spa is a 6 out of 10 and master gets a 2 out of 10.
    I would NEVER let a friend buy a Master Spa, I might not even let someone I don’t like buy one!

    Got a problem with the facts email me at [email protected]


  5. Bought a Master Spa H2X. Looked impressive. First, service in the Mid Atlantic is terrible. The last time I saw the salesman was when I gave him a down deposit. Came in with Multiple leaks. Foam had to be ripped out. And the controls are ridiculously complicated. The Engineer should go to NASA – missed his calling. I would not buy it again. I am still waiting for service to take care of installaton issues for 3 months. Corp was notified and was useless too.

    1. 10 4 don’t expect any quality service or even questions answered after purchase. Terrible service after the sale. James Stewart

  6. a few things overheard at the Master Spa & Pool Show in Montana:
    “we are the ONLY spas that DO NOT REQUIRE ANY CHEMICALS”
    “we are the ONLY spas that are made in the U.S.”

    how about it, Bob? Is this LEGITIMATE competition?
    Sell in a state that you don’t have any dealers in?
    Lie to shoppers?
    Leave them hanging with NO service?

    One little thing goes wrong when it’s below zero degrees – how long before that good deal they got for “1/2 off” is now a big ol’ block of ice. C’mon folks – think about it!

    What a joke – no, in fact it’s a crime.

    Legitimate? What, because you pay the fees for What’s the Best Hot Tub and all of the other certifications money can buy? (YES – THAT IS ALL IT TAKES, Folks!)

    Go home – stay home – take care of your customers – like a legitimate dealer. You should be ashamed. It’s you guys that give the hot tub business a bad name.

    1. Hi Kelly, what city did you buy this in? I am in Great Falls and bought one at this show..would be really interested in speaking with you..

  7. Truth in advertising:

    Master Spa sale this weekend. Our product and reputation is so pitiful that we can’t even convince your local spa retailer to buy our product. So we have to resort to misleading the public about who we are and what we are selling in order to stay in business. This weekend we will be misrepresenting a variety of spas and hot tubs at inflated prices. We will over promise and under deliver throughout the three day event. Don’t miss out – there won’t be an opportunity for buyers remorse like this one until our next event.

  8. Service? You bet – they’ve got DOZENS of service techs in your area, all factory trained – just like SONY does!. We’re so big, we have an 800 # for you to call – not like those small-time local dealers! Who? Names? They don’t need to know the details – didn’t you hear them the first time – THEY ARE SO BIG THEY HAVE AN 800 NUMBER YOU CALL!!! OK – Exactly who? Well, er, uh, ummm.
    OK – how about that 800#, call for yourself – see if they have anybody in your town that will perform their work under their warranty.
    One shopper put it best – Hot Tub Gypsies.

  9. My name is travis and i have worked for master spas for 10 years. I personally have a stack of testimonials desk high of people who love their master spa. I also know of some unhappy people. The bottom line is hot tubs provide hours of therapy both physically and emotionally. There are good and bad in everything man made and from time to time you get dishonest people that misrepresent themselves. Master spas is a great company and provide a great service. Some people just cant say anything nice. So to those who get so angry over hot water, i say relax and buy from whoever makes you feel comfortable. Ive never been in any spa and said to myself “this sucks”. Have a blessed day

  10. -Bought the Legacy Master Spa 08/19/11

    -When we went to the show at our local arena a man, who is contracted to tell everyone how great master spas is, greeted us with a great big notebook full of information about the spas, awards Master Spa has received (including one from the better business bureau that he stated they have received for 10 years straight) and testimonials. When we bought the spa I was told that the spa only needs 1 tbsp. of chlorine every 2 weeks and that is the only chemical I will need because the spa uses minerals. The man the dealer contracts to tell everyone how great the spa is (Duane) even went on to tell us how his wife who has medical problems loves this spa because it doesn’t use chemicals. And that his neighbor (who does not own a master spa) is always balancing his spa’s pH, but he (Duane) doesn’t have to because he has a master spa and it always has a stable pH. I was also told that there is no chance of spa lung because the spa is not filled with foam and this allows for air to pass through and prevents mold and mildew from occurring. I didn’t want a spa in the past because they can be a lot of maintenance and I don’t have the time to spend constantly adding chemicals and checking levels and I was also concerned about spa lung (as I already having breathing troubles). So, instead of going to my local dealer, Hesselson’s, which the dealer personally said they couldn’t match their (Master Spa’s) prices and quality, I bought my hot tub from Master Spa’s. They had also told us that all the spas are thoroughly inspected and that each one is water tested for leaks and checked. Duane told us that occasionally one might have an issue but that the chances of that one being ours was not going to happen because they are so rigorously inspected before they leave the manufacturer. He even went on to say that this company allowed “How its made” to film their production for this reason.

    -Before leaving we signed the papers which stated we would receive our spa (he told us on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, depending on how many they sold) and our start-up chemical kit (which should have clued me in then that I would be putting in many chemical, not just chlorine but I figured it was just the start-up), stairs, and extra filters (which was worked out in the deal, since both myself and my mother got tubs).

    -We didn’t have a place to put it so we bought and installed a proper gravel pad and finished it Sunday Morning, as we were finishing it I received a phone call stating they were bringing my spa that day and wanted to bring it in a ½ hour. The pad was not finished and the spa was not suppose to be there for a couple more days. So, we hurried and finished the pad and the spa came that afternoon (an hour late than the time we agreed upon).

    -When the spa arrived the men (the whole 2 of them) slid it off the truck and dragged it into place. They took the cover out of the cardboard box put it on, screwed in the plastic locks for the cover on the sides, put together the plastic stairs (which was also in a big cardboard box) with their fists on my driveway- scratching the plastic and getting it dirty. All of that was okay, I could handle the little inconveniencies. Then they told me that the start-up chemical kit was not coming today because “they ran out at the show” and that it would be UPS shipped to us and we would have it that Tuesday (08/23/11). He went on to tell in another part of our conversation that they had only sold 15 spas and didn’t do well in our area (so now I ask myself why did they “run out at the show”?) They left behing all the cardboard and trash and took off.

    -We were excited, all we had to do (or so we thought) was have an electrician hard wire it to the house, fill it, and turn it on. In the mean time I called Master Spa’s (the dealer) and told them we still had not received our chemicals (this was now Friday 08/26/1) and the receptionist said she would look into it and call me back. She never called back so I called her back and she said they had already been sent out- my chemicals, my mom’s chemical and my mom’s filters because she hadn’t received either. The electrician finished and we filled it up to the level it needed (we back filled it through the filter insertion site as recommend by Duane and the manual to release any air stuck in the lines). We turned it on and it went through the beginning cycles, after the message “run pmps purg air” finished, a message appeared that said “Htr may be dry— wait”. So, we looked in the manual and it said possible dry heater, or not enough water in the heater to start… press any button to reset and restart heater start up, which we did and still the same message came up and we tried again and the same thing. After a few tries we made our first call to the company (the manufacturer) regarding the problem with the spa but they were closed and so was the dealer. So, we decided to turn it off and call again in the morning.

    -Monday morning, 08/29/11, I called the dealer and the manufacture, after a few calls because they were not yet open I finally talked to the dealer and they said I had two options with this error message, I could try to run the water from the hose on “high” through the filter insertion site while running the jets on “high” to get the air out or I could dismantle the side wall and “break the seal on the union, allow water to flow out to get the trapped air out”. Had I not called the company I would have had no idea that this was the problem. The manual never said that this was the problem, all it said was to press any button to re-try and lists possible problems on the bottom of the page. So, I tried the first option, which I figured wouldn’t work because I had filled the tub through the filter site but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I was anxious for it to work so it could start heating up. It didn’t work, I tried it a couple times and even had to empty water out of the tub because it got so full. It didn’t work. So, when my husband came home from work, instead of doing the other things we had planned, we followed the instructions in the manual on how to bleed air from the union, we even talked to Duane who instructed us on what to do because we couldn’t release the union (it was too tight and the whole pipe turned when attempting to un-screw it) so he instead told us to release the pipe on the right side of the electrical panel- the side that didn’t have wires going into it. Which we did, and air came out and so did a lot of water- he told us to release 5 gallons worth, which we did. We had a difficult time tightening it back up, water continued to trickle out but eventually after an hour or so from when we started it stopped. So, we thought it was finally fixed, so we dried everything off real well and then turned it back on. It ran through the beginning cycles and no htr dry message came up so we were thinking finally after nearly 24 hours of trouble shooting one error message we could let it heat up and be in it soon. By now it was into the evening, about 4:30pm or so. Another error message came up, “htr flow loss”- this, according to the manual, could be multiple things wrong, then a new message came up just as soon as I found the page for the first one, “snsr bal–ance”. This page said to call for service. So, I called the number and no answer because they had closed. We were just about to turn it off when a man called back (from the dealer), his name was Dave and he said he was from the service department, he stated “you called” and I said yes and went on to explain, very nicely and politely, that there were two messages that had come up now, his response in a condescending tone was “did you read the manual?” and I said yes and he said “and what did it say” and I said “to call for service”, I then went on to say that my husband had just corrected the first error message and before I could finish he interrupted me and said “can I speak with him?”, it seems as though not only was he condescending but I (being a woman) was not good enough to talk to, like I didn’t know what I was talking about. So, my husband talked to him for what seemed like a few hours. We had company at our house, so, I stayed inside to entertain them and I had no idea of what was going on outside, just that it was taking a long time. Eventually our company left (this is still Monday) and I went out to see what was going on. My husband had removed another panel (as instructed to do so by Dave) and had pulled off some of the insulation (also as instructed to do so by Dave). He had been at this for hours and still it was not working. Manual labor that Dave expected us to do. I felt like we had already done enough that day when we had to bleed the lines. It was getting to be 9:30pm or so and eventually Dave decided we would need to have someone come service our tub. This was a brand new tub, never used, the dealer told us it had just been made and now it needed service. He went on to tell my husband that it is policy to have the owner cover the cost of the service (which he said is typically $65/hour and includes travel time), he told us the nearest service man, which is about an hour and ½ away, and we would later get a check for the cost (if the problems was within the warranty) and also told us we would need a new pump but we would have to put our credit card on file incase they didn’t get the old one back. When my husband got off the phone, not only did he have a look of defeat on his face but also anger. Up until this point I was accepting of the problems we had had. When he told me what was said I was furious. Dave had told him that the factory had a period of time when the insulation sprayer people were “heavy handed” and this is what is causing problems with the tub. The company new about this and didn’t tell any buyers- atleast not us until we had problems. When he said this my husband asked him about the spa lung, because supposedly too much insulation (according to Duane) causes it. Dave had told him that that was a fabrication and that spa lung is caused when the spa is in an enclosed room. I left a message with each one of them (the dealer and the manufacturer) that night calling them out on their poor product and poor customer service. I no longer wanted this spa and I no longer wanted to work with a company that expected the owner to perform this kind of laborand treated them so unprofessionallly. Like I said before my time is valuable and I can’t waste it on something that should be working. I told each company in the message that I expected a phone call first thing Tuesday morning to resolve this issue. I told them I was not going to pay out of my pocket for someone to fix the problem they were obviously responsible for and that I would not be putting my credit card on file with such a dishonest company. God only knows how much a pump costs. Not only that but once we had received our spa and opened the manuel there was also a laminated page with a LIST of chemicals that must be used on a regular basis through out the year (oxidizer shock, chlorinating granules, filter cleaner, pH up, pH down, spa brite, foam gone, oil gone, scale defense, and test strips. The 2 main reasons I had bought this spa were no longer true. I felt like I had been taken advantage of. And that I was sold a hot tub under falsifications. Duane had given myself and my mom his personal cell phone number (all part of the act to make us feel comfortable with him) and so I texted him, so that I could have a record of it, and called him out of his lies. All he said was that it was too late at night (maybe 9:45pm at this point) and that he would call me tomorrow and help me talk to a tech). I already talked to the tech (Dave). He never admitted to his lies but he never denied them either. At the show he also offered to send myself and my mom bulbs from his flower garden (because he had so many and so many varieties), I’m assuming this was another ploy to fish us in and make us feel like he was trustworthy. There was nothing more we could do, so we shut down the power to the tub.

    -The next morning I called the dealer back so because they had not called me. I had to work that day so it wasn’t until noon or so that I had a chance to call them, I talked to Dave again at the dealer. (The manufacture never called me back either.) I told Dave I would not put my credit card on file, because I no longer trusted the company (and I told him I had texted Duane and called him out on his lies), and that it was an outrage that I would be expected to fork over money that I don’t have that could possibly be upwards of $600-700 or so depending on how long it took the service man to fix the tub. He first told me I should call him (meanign Duane) out on his lies- I just told him I did- and that was the only response I got on that. He told me its policy for the costs and that’s that. He also said that I need not worry because I would be reimbursed as soon as they got a copy of the bill. This is a national company. I send the bill to the dealer the dealer sends the bill to the factory and then I get a check. I’m not stupid. I know it would take months before I ever saw a penny. And by this point there was so much unprofessionalism not only in what was going on but the tone of voice in every person I talked to. I decided I would have to talk to the factory to get anywhere because this was now an issue with them. During this conversation I had asked Dave about the rigorous inspection and how our hot tub could possibly had been over filled with insulation if each one if looked over so carefully. Dave said after the wet test they get sprayed with insulation and they’re out the door for shipment. No more inspections. Yet another lie from Duane.

    -I called the factory 08/28/11 in the am, the man I spoke with in customer service (Doug) told me they would try to work it out so I would not have to pay up front and also see about sending the part out without any credit card on file. I told him that since I had what I considered to be a lemon, I want an extended warranty and that’s where the customer service ended. Absolutely not, no way would they give me and extended warranty. I had a one year warranty already when I purchased the tub, but that was before I knew it was a lemon. I feel that since it was made with problems I should have extra coverage. All they would offer me is to bump up the date to the date its serviced for one year. I am the customer. I should be given something more than rude people and the run around when I have a problem which they caused. So, I waited to hear back on the first two two points. I had to go into work that day at 11am so I was unable to answer my phone. When I finally got a chance to, I had a couple missed calls, one was a company 2 hours away from my home that was telling me (not giving me an option) that they would be at my house Friday am (no time) to fix my tub. I was not happy with the outcome. Even if the 2 issues were fixed to my liking I still wanted an extended warranty. If their tubs are as great as they say then they should have no problem even just giving one more year to my warranty. Obviously they don’t expect it to last longer than a year, or well I guess a year and 2 weeks to be exact.

    -Thursday (09/01/11) I called the credit card company to file a complaint and stop payment to Master Spa’s. In good faith we conference called the dealer to give them an opportunity to salvage what little faith I had left. Myself, my mom, the credit card company (listening in) and the general manager, Kevin, discussed the problem. The idea of returning the spa and a refund was not going to be accepted by the dealer, even though the had destroyed any confidence I had in them and lied to me over and over again and sold me a tub that they had received notice from the factory (per Dave in earlier talks) that it was over-foamed. I did not want this spa nor did I want to have any future relationship with this company. But for fear that if I stopped payment I would be sued for payment from the dealer and perhaps the factory as well I tried to work with them. After what became the most unprofessional conversation I’ve ever had with a company, nonetheless, with the general manager of the dealership himself, we had decided he was to call the factory to work out the details of the service man and possibly of the warranty.

    -He called me Thursday night at 4:58pm, 2 minutes before they close, and tells me he talked to the factory and the service man will come to my house at 8am on Friday morning (09/02/11) at no cost to me, no credit card is needed for the part, and no extended warranty. I had also asked in that morning’s conversation that if no extended warranty was to be given that I instead receive a new hot tub (same model, just no defects). He didn’t mention anything about this so I asked him I asked him and it apparently upset him. He said there was no way I was going to get a new tub. That I was going to have to let the guy fix the tub the next day and that’s that. There was no more to discuss since that was his conclusion so I told him “I guess theres nothing more for us to discuss then.” I was in the car on the phone waiting to go into the gym and being held up on the phone with someone who was not willing and/or able to help me any further. So, there was no need for any more discussion. He took this personally I guess and said “I worked hard for you today to get the things I have for you.” Oh, I’m so sorry for inconviencing you and making you do your job. What happened to the customer service that master spa’s has won the BBB award for 10 years as Duane had told us at the show. I politely said good bye and have a nice evening and hung up. During the conversation, just to give you any ides of how unprofessional he was, he said “Your tune sure has changed now that everybody isn’t listening.” Seriously? Who do you think you are?

    -Friday morning I called the factory to confirm what Kevin had told me the evening before regarding the warranty. Doug at the factory told me the service man was coming to fix it and that’s that. No extended warranty. No new tub. Forcing me to keep this dreadful equipment that they won’t stand behind for more than 1 year 2 weeks. I have never in my life dealt with such an unprofessional business. So rude and unwilling to make the customer happy. Where I work, if I treated people the way they treated me and my mom, I would be fired and probably sued. I am but one customer but I am not the only one that has had this problem. When we first made our decision to cancel payment, before we talked to the credit card company, we went to our local spa sales place, without even discussing master spas or the fact we even had a tub, the owner told us about how he had 2 customers come in the day before looking for tubs because they had bought spas at the show at the arena and they were having problems with them. I am not the one of out many that has a problem with their tub as Duane said at the show. Many at just one show had these problems. How many other bad tubs were sold in other cities? The company thinks they can take advantage of the individual because they are just one person but together they may be hundreds. If I continue to have problems with my spa I will not sit quietly and let this go on. I will demand a new tub and warranty and if they refuse I will seek a lawyer. This company is bad news. Do not sign yourself up for this torture. Go to your local sales person. I wish I had. Even though they a slightly more expensive, they are local, they depend on good word of mouth and if you have a problem they aren’t hours away. Don’t buy Master Spas under any condition, you will regret your decision if you do. I still have yet to receive my chemical start-up kit and neither has my mom or her filter.

    -The service guy checked her tub out just to be sure it was okay, surprise surprise- he had to rip out a bunch of insulation from her’s too. This company is a joke.

  11. Went to the Bakersfield Spa, Pool & BBQ Show yesterday.
    This should have been called The Master Spa Show, not the Bakersfield Spa, Pool & BBQ Show. Master Spa was the only company there. I feel like you wasted my time with your deceptive advertising practices and the tactic employed by your salespeople.

    I would have purchased a Twighlight spa yesterday from Ron (said his store was in Hollister) at the Bakersfield show, except for ONE thing!

    When I asked about 12 months same as cash financing, he replied that they add 8% to the purchase price to cover their cost to finance 12 months same as cash. Right there it told me I was NOT dealing with a reputable saleperson or company. It’s not only false advertising, it’s the classic ‘bait & switch’.

    After reading several complaints on various websites about Master Spas, I’m thankful I did not sign on the dotted line.

    I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and also the Bakersfield Convention Center where the event was held.

  12. I just purchased a H2X swim spa at the state fairgrounds in Maryland. I wish I did my homework and read some of these posts. I should have trusted my gut when I first felt something wrong. My wife and I went to the show that was advertised as having huge savings on floor model Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. We went on day one and had to wait in the car because the event started at 10 am and we were early. At 10 we entered the building and right in front of the door were the swim spas. There were about 6 on display. What appeared to be a very friendly sales person who introduced himself as a factory rep for Master Spas. We stood next to one of them and he told us all the great things about his company and brand of tubs. We were serious buyers so it did not take long until we were ready to make a purchase. Funny that all the ” Discounted” floor models had a piece of masking tape on them with a name. All the floor models were sold already and the show just started. We needed to buy a brand new Tub with no price break. Duh !! We did. I was very specific about my timeframe for delivery and of course No Problem because we chose one of 3 that were in stock at a store in Md. We have a $ 5K deposit and the remainder due upon delivery. We were told that a late afternoon delivery was not possible because when the spa is delivered that they like to hang around and make sure everything works and I understand how to operate it properly. We left feeling happy and went home to modify our deck, have concrete poured and new fence installed. A major backyard project to say the least and the schedule was all set up and Taylored around the delivery of the spa. Well the fun begins. Of course the sales person gave us his cell number in case we needed anything and invited us to Deleware for some fresh Rockfish, we felt good but the man is a complete liar. I contacted him a few time prior to delivery and he would always say “I will call you tomorrow”. Never did. When I finally was able to get someone to awnser the phone at the store that would deliver they knew nothing of my delivery date. My tub was not on site and not even made yet. Wait, I did buy one of the 3 in stock. Liar. The store suggested that I take a different color if I wanted a tub soon. We did after I verified that it was a brand new tub. Well I have a used tub in my yard. 2 jets are discolored, stickers are baked on from the sun, the pillows are damaged, it has a scum line, only one ore in the open bag of excercise equipment, and 3 of the 4 screws on top of the electrical hookup box are missing. So I call the owner of the store and of course no answer , leave another message and hope I am not retired before I get a call back. Finally he actually calls and with all the evidence his still is telling me its a new tub. This is a crime. They now have 20K and I have a demo that was dropped on the pad and the guys could not leave quick enough. So much for showing me how it works. Another lie. The delivery guys laughed and said these sales guys do that all the time. It’s time for it to stop. I am considering what it would cost to sue and expose this scam. I should have purchased from a local store but I was drawn to the Spa Show because it was advertised as if there were many different company’s represented. Fact is there are a few names there but it was 100% master spas. I left out a lot of fluff trying to get to the point but I could go on and on sharing all the drama I was put thru. Trust what these other people are saying about the traveling tub Gypsy. The owner of the store even said the these salesmen just want your deposit which is non refundable in their contract and then they forget you and off to another town. I can not even express how angry I am about all this. What’s worse is these guys all sound so sincere and likable and I keep discovering more lies. O yeah, almost forgot, as I was filling my brand new tub with clean tap water I opened the skimmer to verify the filters were in. Yes the filters had dirt and bugs in them and I have not even put power on the tub yet. So if you do not believe this go ahead and buy yourself A Master Spa product. I get back in a week or so and let you all know how things work out after they call me back.

  13. I am a store manager in the hot tub industry. Master Pool and Spa out of Minnesota puts on these traveling shows. They are the sleaziest scumbags around. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who have had similar stories. We try to warn people but to no avail. They come to our town 3 or 4 times a year with their deceptive sales tactics and scams. They show you a fake BBB and fake spa ratings page. If you look up Master pool and spa in MN, you will see countless complaints with the BBB, bad yelp reviews, etc.

    I can’t believe how many people don’t do their due diligence and research this scam company. It is a black eye for our industry. If you want a good hot tub and good service, do some research and go to a local store with their own in house service department. Hot tubs break down like everything else. You want to make sure that you have a local, reputable company that will take care of you if something goes wrong.

    These traveling salesman are 100% commission based and leave town the next day. They can say whatever they want and don’t have to answer for it. These guys really get my blood boiling.

  14. Great comments. Thanks for all who had something to say.

    Good thing I decided not to buy a Master Spa as a result of this page. The passion from all those frustrated and the lake of professionalism from the master spa rep did it for me.

    Anything else will do. Aggravation isn’t worth the savings.

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